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49 donors have given to SDSU’s LeadState Program raising $2,820.

Goal: 40 donors

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The Shelly and Steve Bayer LeadState Challenge Match

Today, your gift to the LeadState program has the opportunity to make an even bigger impact.

Shelly ('95) and Steve ('92) Bayer have generously agreed to give $500 to SDSU's LeadState program if 15 other donors make a gift to the program on August 30 - One Day for STATE.

Jackrabbits love a good challenge - so let's pull together to make a difference!

Mary and Cody Christensen LeadState Challenge Match

Once the first challenge is met, let's keep the momentum!  Mary ('05) and Cody ('05) Christensen have agreed to provide another challenge to provide $500 if an additional 15 donors make a contribution to the college on August 30.

Let's rally together to make an impact on our campus!

Where Will the Money Go?

SDSU's LeadState program strives to provide opportunities to foster student leadership development, positioning SDSU as a premier provider of student leadership development opportunities.  Your gift to the program will provide funding to allow student participants to:

  • Identify their leadership strengths through the StrengthsFinder program
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the social change model for leadership development
  • Integrate and apply their knowledge of the model and their strengths into a personal leadership development plan
  • Develop a network with other students, faculty, and staff
  • Apply their leadership strengths in service to the campus and community

Giving of Time and Treasure

Challenge donors Shelly Bayer and Mary Christensen have been active leaders in the LeadState program, dedicating energy and passion to coaching students, developing curriculum, presenting workshops, and coordinating program elements.

Shelly joined the program in the fall of 2009 and has been an active member of the facilitation team ever since, currently acting as the LeadState Chair. "LeadState inspires young people to think critically about leadership and realize they have the potential and the responsibility to make an impact on society as leaders. Steve and I give because we believe LeadState alumni are making our world better through their leadership."

In speaking of her passion for the program, Mary said, "The LeadState program is near to my heart.  I’ve been a part of the LeadState facilitation team at SDSU since its inception.  I’ve witnessed student growth through this intentional leadership development program; it is rewarding to see students gain confidence in their leadership style and natural talents."


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SDSU’s LeadState Program Challenges

  • The Shelly and Steve Bayer LeadState Challenge: 15 donors unlocks $500

  • Mary and Cody Christensen LeadState Challenge: 30 donors unlocks $500

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